A Chip of Glass Ruby (1982) Full Movie Online

A Chip of Glass Ruby is a 1982 Drama film directed by Ross Devenish. In this drama, the Banjee family resides in an area of Johannesburg where Indians are no longer permitted to live. Mr. Bamjee is a vegetable seller and his wife, unlike him, becomes politically involved fighting against the injustices of apartheid. When his wife is arrested and imprisoned, Mr. Bamjee slowly realizes that his wife's concern for others is not a rejection of him.


Actor: Muthal Naidoo, Kessie Govender, Shayeda Shaik, Chris Pillay, Surikumari Pillay, Naeem Dinath, Waheeda Jooma, Inayet Khan, Karen Pillay, Bernadette Masala, Dan Poho

Director: Ross Devenish

Country: Lesotho, South Africa

Rated: 0/10 with 0 votes.

Duration: 56 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Jan 01, 1982

Production: Profile Productions

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